Celebrate Father’s Day with Don Roberto Jewelers

Father’s day is around the corner and I always struggle a bit when it comes to picking out gifts for my dad and for my husband.  It’s not that they’re difficult to buy for, they’re rather simple actually; some new shirts, cologne, tools, the always popular tequila, they’re not picky. But I always feel like they deserve so much more.

After all, my dad has done so much for me and my kids, he’s always been there for me, has always let me know how proud he is of me, and how much he loves me. He always ends our conversations with “Cuidate mucho, portate bien, y I love you.”  And my husband, where do I even begin? My rock, my love, an amazing father himself, and someone who spoils me rotten, and most of all, has the patience to deal with me hehe. I know it’s the thought of the gift that counts but sometimes I feel like the simple gifts just don’t express how much I appreciate them.

I’ve been brainstorming for awhile now for ideas on what to gift them with this year and I thought, what’s something that will be long lasting? Jewelry!

Don Roberto Jewelers has a great selection of jewelry that would make awesome gifts for anyone and their selection of men’s jewelry is gorgeous! I’m a loyal fan of yellow gold pieces, so here are samples of a few pieces that caught my eye. And great news for my readers, I have a discount code for you! Keep scrolling!

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14k Two Tone Gold Crucifix Pendant

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Men’s Bulova Crystal Collection

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Men’s 14k Yellow Gold Cuban Link ID bracelet

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14k Gold Mariner Pave Chain

Jewelry makes a great gift no matter the recipient because it’s a gift that can last a lifetime and comes with value that only increases over time; emotional and monetary. It can be passed on to your children or other family members and becomes even more special. It’s certainly a gift that can be given to both men and women alike.

Both the main men in my life love jewelry, especially my dad; he has a fantastic eye for amazing gold pieces and I already know which pieces they would love from Don Roberto Jewelers.

If you’re an online shopper that prefers to shop from the comfort of your home, we have a special code for you! Use code BP25FP for a 25% *discount!
If you’re more like me and like to shop in person at a store to be able to see the jewelry up close in person, you’re in luck because Don Roberto Jewelers has many, many locations including:

Escondido: 651 N Broadway, Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 233-9557
National City: 3030 Plaza Bonita Rd #2334, National City, CA 91950 (619) 475-8700
El Centro: 262 S Imperial Avenue, El Centro CA 92243 (760) 879-0561
Imperial Valley Mall: 3451 S Dogwood Rd, Suite 1544, El Centro CA 92243 (760) 352-0837

*Discount is only valid online, with your first purchase, and must be be entered at checkout when purchasing online.

But there’s more! If you visit a Don Roberto Jewelers store starting Wednesday, May 27, you’ll be entered to win a pair of Ostrich boots. No purchase necessary! Winner will be drawn on June 21st. 

 I don’t know about you guys, but my dad adores Ostrich leather shoes. He has so many pairs and a new pair of botas would definitely make him happy! 

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The verdict is in…


The newest addition to the House of Golds is going to be a…


Turns out my uterus isn’t painted blue and decorated with guns and swords.

baby girl, gender reveal, house of golds, golden nugget, pregnancy,

I’m barely at 14 weeks but I am such a control freak that I went and had a 3D ultrasound at Peek-A-Boo Mommy  to learn the sex of the baby. I did the same thing with the Golden Boys, I couldn’t stand to wait, so I booked an appointment for the moment I reached my 14 weeks. I like to know exactly how things are going to play out, I am not one for surprises, and when it comes to babies, it’s no exception. I want to be able to start shopping for the Golden Nugget and neutral colors don’t work for me.

Come November 12, we will be expecting  Itzel Angelina Oros.

Both the Golden Boys have names that start with an R but for no particular reason. I’ve had the name Rosalie picked out since I was pregnant with Romeo in case he were to have been a girl. Those that know me well, know the Twihard that I am. Rosalie is one of the Cullen sisters and one of my favorite characters of The Twilight Saga. Unfortunately, Rosalie doesn’t translate very well in Spanish and the nicknames she would have been given drove me to pick out another one. 

Itzel was another favorite and I love that it’s unique, we both agreed we wanted an uncommon name. Itzel is a Mayan name and means “Rainbow Goddess”. Angelina is my grandma’s name and my mom’s middle name. I think it’s a very pretty name and I’ve always said if I ever had a girl that it would be her middle name. The most important part about picking the name was that it had to be able to be properly pronounced in Spanish, if my grandparents were to have trouble saying it then it had to go, no exceptions.

 I don’t think it’s really registered in my mind that it’s a girl, I was so certain it was going to be another boy. I’m also insanely nervous about it being a girl. While I’m insanely girly and love the idea of being able to shop all things pink and sparkly, all I know is boys. Boys and their nonstop talk of penises, farts, fighting, and guns. I’ll finally have someone to sing along to every Disney song with and someone to have mani-pedi dates with, so that’s exciting.

In the meantime, I can finally start shopping for the little lady, I hope Alex is ready for this…

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