Don Roberto Jewelers 2014 Watch Collection

 My birthday is coming up in November and, naturally, I’ve been thinking about what I want.

I typically dislike the “what do you want for your birthday” question, I mean, what DO I want? There is never anything specific that I want and to be honest, I feel weird stating something in particular. World peace, a mason jar cup to replace the one my husband broke, the newest iPhone, a black panther as a pet…

One thing that can be found on just about every woman’s wish list is always jewelry. There is something about the sparkle and shine of if that just tingles our senses. My love for it began at a very young age as I witnessed my dad buy my mom crazy extravagant rings and necklaces for every birthday, Valentine’s day, anniversary, and Christmas. As I got older, he began to buy some for me and to this day continues to do so. What can I say, we Mexicans love our gold pieces!

My dad instilled in me a love of watches quite some time ago as he began gifting me with a new watch every Christmas. When I saw the 2014 watch collection from Don Roberto Jewelers, I was impressed. Firstly, they offer a large array of styles, metals, and designs so you’ll be certain to find one that suits you. Secondly, the prices are incredibly reasonable. There is nothing more exciting than finding a piece you absolutely love and seeing that the price is even better than you had hoped.

Here are a few of the watches that immediately stood out to me. They are just a small sampling of the many watches that Don Roberto Jewelers has to offer.


Women’s watches:

Don Roberto's jewelry, watches, gold watches, women's watches, discount code, bulova,



Don Roberto's jewelry, watches, gold watches, women's watches, discount code, bulova,


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Men’s watches:



Don Roberto's jewelry, watches, gold watches, women's watches, discount code, bulova, men's watches



Don Roberto's jewelry, watches, gold watches, women's watches, discount code, bulova, men's watches



Aren’t they beautiful? I wasn’t kidding when I said I love my gold. So much so that I married a man with the last name Oros ;) 


Aside from loving watches because of how gorgeously they decorate your wrist, I need to have them at work. Being a medical assistant, I use my watch all day long. At first, I would buy “cheaper” watches because I was afraid that I would end up scratching, hitting, or getting them wet while I was moving around all over the place. But, as the saying goes, you get what you payed for, those “cheap” watches would just break or die on me. I realized I needed my watches of good quality because I needed something reliable. Any of these watches from Don Roberto Jewelers would be perfect for work, daily use, and special nights out.


And here is a surprise for you: Don Roberto Jewelers is offering House of Golds’ readers a discount of 25% off your first purchase! Enter code: BP25FP at checkout.

So tell me, which watch is your favorite?

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I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this post, I will  however be receiving a custom-made gold necklace. All thoughts and opinions are always my own. 

Vavavida for the cure

October is coming to a close but the spreading of breast cancer awareness certainly won’t end.

My friend’s over at Vavavida share my passion in spreading the importance of breast cancer awareness and they are once again sponsors of Row for the Cure. This year will be their 3rd year sponsoring and they have raised over $6000!

The row will take place Sunday, October 26 from 5am to 11:30am at Ski Beach in Mission Bay.

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Last year Vavavida donated a portion of proceeds from their Healing Hearts bracelets to the Susan G. Komen foundation and this year they are once again raising money through sales of their Pink Passion bracelets.
Vavavida is a company that specializes in fair trade products and the Pink Passion bracelets are no exception. The purchase of these bracelets will not only help in the fight against breast cancer but will also support fair trade!

The support doesn’t end there, though. Vavavida will continue to donate with every purchase of the Pink Passion bracelets throughout the month of November.

I don’t know about you but I think these would make a great Christmas gift ;)