Are you an influenster?

Influenster: A person who is trendsetter, social media hotshot, and educated consumer who lives to give opinions of products and experiences.

I’ve been a member of Influenster since 2012 and the fun has yet to end. Influenster is a place where trendsetters flock to share reviews and opinions on any and every product you can find. Everything from beauty, parenting, food, and fitness items and so much more. Anyone who loves sharing their thoughts about their favorite products can easily sign up for Influenster. Once you’re in you can link up your social media accounts and start answering questions, asking questions, writing reviews, and unlocking badges. All of these are ways to raise your impact score. The more you participate and the higher your reach becomes, you become eligible to receive a voxbox. Voxboxes all fit a certain theme and are filled with 6-8 goodies for the chosen recipients to try and test out.

Here are some examples of the voxboxes I’ve been lucky enough to receive.

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paradisevox, voxbox, influenster, reviews, house of golds,


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Influenster recently launched a smartphone app so that you can always join in on the conversations. The app has a scanning feature so that no matter where you are, if you find an items that you are interested in purchasing you can scan the barcode and you’ll be taken to the product page and be able to read honest reviews from fellow Influensters. How useful will that be now that the Holidays are upon us?! I know I’ll be using that feature a lot. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’m out shopping, usually while at Sephora, and I want to compare items so I google the product and wait for a few reviews to pop up to help me make a choice. But that is so time consuming and you have to flip through different websites to get different reviews. With the Influenster app all you have to do is scan it, no need to enter long, crazy product names and it’s all in one spot and it’s very easy to sort through.

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influenster, influenster app, voxbox, review, house of golds,

influenster, influenster app, voxbox, review, house of golds,

influenster, influenster app, voxbox, review, house of golds,

influenster, influenster app, voxbox, review, house of golds,

I’ve been a member of Influenster for over 2 years and I love how much it’s grown. I’ve had the chance to try out some products that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise ever considered purchasing, there are quite a few that thanks to the voxboxes I now regularly buy. I’ve really enjoyed all of the voxboxes I’ve received but the GoBox has been my favorite, all the items that were in the box were great for an active lifestyle. If you haven’t checked them out yet, go sign up, I promise you’ll love it!

Are you in Influenster? What’s your favorite thing about Influenster?

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Getting to know me: 27 fun facts

 Happy birthday to me! 

In honor of my 27th birthday, here are 27 fun facts about me.




1. I am addicted to sugar cubes.
any type of regular, white sugar but the cubes are fun to eat.

2. I’m a serial pen thief.
I won’t ever steal anything else, ever. But if I find a black ink (work regulations) pen & I like the way it writes I can guarantee you I’ll keep it. And I don’t like people using my pens.


3. I am obsessed with Ancient Egypt.  
I love it so much that I named my oldest son Ramses, my little pharaoh.

4. I lost a child.
April 18, 2008 I had a miscarriage.

5. I convinced my youngest brother that he was adopted.
It lasted a good year and the entire family was in on it.

6. I hit my sister with my car 2x.
First time was an accident, second time I was mad at her.

7. I hate the color purple.
Hate. Loathe. Abhor. Whatever you want to call it, I think it’s the ugliest color.

8. I can’t swim
I can swim from point A to point B A 1/2. If you were to throw me into the deep end of a pool, I’ll drown. It’s embarrassing, and how the heck am I ever going to learn to surf?!.


9. Coffee puts me to sleep
Since I was in Kindergarten, I didn’t have cereal for breakfast, nope. I would sit with my grandparents at the table and have my cafe y pan dulce. Coffee to me is what wine is to many other ladies at the end of a long day. And I like my coffee regular; plain with just a spoonful of white sugar and some raw honey. None of that froofy latte, mocha, ccino stuff.

10. My first concert was The Goo Goo Dolls. 
My aunt took me and my cousin for my birthday when I was 12. It was an awesome night up until some jerk elbowed me in the stomach. But it was fun, anyways.

11. I’m afraid of Ferris Wheels. 
I can handle roller coasters but why on earth would they place you that high up with no seat belts? And they rock back and forth, no way.

12. I can’t sleep if the closet door is open
It’s creepy, you never know what might be watching you.

13. I almost didn’t graduate from high school
I simply didn’t care for high school so I never showed up. One of my classes was an ROP class so we’d receive credits for hours worked. Filled those up in a month!

14. Tuesday is my lucky day
I was born on a Tuesday, married on a Tuesday, and both my boys were born on Tuesdays. No, none of that was planned.

15. I have tattoos. 
Most people already know that, but I have 12. And more to come.

16. And piercings. 
Tongue, bellybutton, and a monroe. I had my nose pierced 3x but removed it when I got the monroe. I also had 3 dermals on my left wrist.

17. Kitkats are my favorite chocolates.
Give me one and you’ll be my best friend.

18. I know how to milk a goat.
I even taught Alex how to do it.

19. I’ve never been inside of a nightclub.
And I never will. You can find me at the opera instead or the ballet.


20. I’m afraid of butterflies.
They’re gross and creepy.

21. I hate tres leches cake.
Someone once [jokingly] told me when I was little that it was made with milk from anteayer, ayer, y hoy (the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today) and I never again wanted it.

22. I have a major fear of public speaking.
I can’t do it, won’t do it. I instantly panic, my heart starts pounding, sweaty, red, I mumble, and all around freak out. I absolutely hate having attention placed towards me and being put on the spot. Noooooo.

23. I only eat Fuji apples.
No other apple is as good and juicy. They are just amazing.


24. My Golden family is astrogically compatible.
Ramses and I are scorpio, Romeo and Alex are Cancer.

25. I have a dent in my skull.
When I was around 8, I fell off of my aunt’s bed and landed on my head against an edge of a wall. I hit so hard it actually left a dent. I remember getting dizzy, the room spinning, my eye sight coming and going. I never told anyone because if I’d told my mom I was jumping on the bed I’d have gotten hit with a belt haha.

26. I skipped Kindergarten.
I already knew how to read and write and do math. I always finished my work early and when they started giving me 1st grade work packets, I was finishing both before the other kindergarteners would finish their own. So after a few months they moved me up to the first grade.

27. I’m somewhat of a recovering Catholic.
I found my church home with First Congregational Church (of Ramona) in October 2013 and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I’ll always keep certain Catholic traditions as that’s how I was raised and out of respect for my family but I have changed the way I pray & worship and the way I pray & worship has changed me.