The Gold Nugget has arrived!

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1 week old. How quickly time flies by!


She’s here, she’s here!

The last time I wrote an update on my pregnancy I was complaining of the contractions and stalled dilation but little did I know that only 5 days later, Miss Rosalie would be making her grand debut.

She was born on November 1st at 7:48 in a the fastest delivery ever.

I woke up at 5am with contractions that were about 7-10 minutes apart. There was no mistaking that they were “real” contractions but they weren’t causing any actual discomfort so I decided I was going to take a nice, hot shower to relax and make sure that this is it. Also, I am not keen on showering at the hospital so I knew that it would be another 2 days before I’d get to shower at home again. After my shower and getting some makeup on, the contractions were coming every 5 minutes and while still not too bad, they were stronger and I was now having to breathe through them. Off we went to drop off the Golden Boys at my sister’s house and of course, the car’s gas tank was running on barely 1/4. I was going to fill up the night before but felt lazy and didn’t. This was when I heard my dad’s voice in my head repeating what he’s told me since I first started driving, “siempre tengan, minimo, medio tanque de gas. nunca se sabe” (always have, at minimum, half a tank of gas. you just never know) but like with everything else, I never listen!

We arrived at the hospital right at 7am. Contractions were coming in at 3 minutes and I was trying to remain calm by playing my Debussy station on Pandora on the drive out there (~30 minutes). By the time I made it up to L&D, the contractions were actually hurting and I couldn’t talk through them. I love how even though you pre-register as a patient months before you’re due, you still have to sign a crap load of papers when you arrive.
Do you see me barely breathing and you want me to sign WHAT NOW? argggh!

I’m brought back to a room for triage and I was 8cm. 8! I had just been to the doctor 2 days before and was told I was at 2cm and had hardly any effacement. I felt like I was giving birth to Ramses all over again, the exact same thing happened to me when I was in labor with him.
So the nurse tells me that we’ll have a baby very soon and it hits me that I haven’t asked for the epidural so I sit up, tell her to stop and to call for the anesthesiologist to come up asap. She mentions that she will but he probably won’t make it in time.
Shit! Shit, shit, shit.
Panic sets in as I realize I’ll probably have a baby naturally and I was SO not prepared for that.
WHY did I have to take a shower? WHY didn’t I fill up the gas tank last night? WHY didn’t Alex speed past that red light? WHY did the anesthesiologist have to see the other patients, I’M in pain, screw the others. Blame everything & everyone, my cervix was dilating, makes sense.

As I’m laying there freaking out (internally, because we scorpios show no fear) there is a nurse asking me questions about my last ob/gyn visit, another nurse asking me to sign stupid paperwork, another nurse asking about my family’s medical history, and a fourth trying, and failing, to get an IV started. I’m trying to answer everyone, sign my name, and breathe through contractions and starting to get really irritated. They finally get the monitors on me and the IV going and during one particular contraction my water breaks and that was it. Within seconds, I felt the baby fall into position and before I even registered the pain, my body started pushing the baby out. The doctor hadn’t even arrived yet, we were still waiting for him to come in and the nurses told me to try and not push because they were waiting for him. HA! I don’t think so. He finally walks in and is taking his sweet time. In reality it was maybe 10 seconds but to me it felt like forever and I was in so much pain that I didn’t even give a shit, I was focusing on me, not trying to wait on him. Then, the nurse asks if I want to feel the baby’s head as she was out to about her ears and that is when I lost all politeness and yelled at her, “No, I want her out NOW”. One more push and she was out, all of this was within 2 minutes of my water breaking and maybe 3 pushes total. Out she came and all was well in the world.

Rosalie weighed 6lbs 7oz and was 18in long. Una cosita, a tiny thing!

It’s amazing how true it is, once the baby is out all pain is gone. Literally, gone. I went from screaming in pain one second to completely amazed and in love the next. My boys were both born with the lovely, warm blanket of an epidural so I had no idea what to expect this time around. They say it’s painful and omg, is it ever painful. But, as we all know, so totally worth it in the end. I feel so incredibly blessed that God has gifted us with such a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Welcome to the House of Golds, Rose.

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10 minutes old. All that screaming & pain and I didn’t even smudge an eyebrow!

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Held by dad for the first time.

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The Golden Boys meet their sister!

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All dressed and ready to go home. Fashionista from day 1.

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Snug as a bug, headed home!


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Pregnancy Update: months 7 & 8

I really should have appreciated how easy months 5 & 6 were because that was so short lived and I’ve been too exhausted and busy with all that has been going on. I’m well into the 9th month of this pregnancy and dealing with new symptoms, some returning, wrapping things up at work, and trying to get everything set up at home has been insane.

I started off the 7th month with a <leaky> bang. In case the kicking, back pain, and nausea hadn’t yet convinced me that I’m pregnant, leaky nipples sure as hell did. I’m actually surprised it took this long since this awkward, er symptom, of pregnancy made itself present during the fifth month in my previous pregnancies. Those cute little kicks quickly turned into uncomfortable karate chops and jabs. At this point, it feels like she is trying to pop my ribs out of place to make more room for herself, lol.


One thing I was not anticipating was how much anxiety the hospital tour ended up giving me. It’s funny how having given birth twice both calms me and freaks me out at the same time. And it’s freaking me out more than it’s calming me, to be honest. It’s great that I know the process but because I know how it goes, I’m so afraid that this time might be different. What if I don’t make it in time? What if the epidural doesn’t take? My biggest fear: What if I end up needing a c-section. It’s not that I think less of those who have had c-sections, it’s just that the idea of how it’s performed doesn’t sit well with me. They just scare me.

Anyways, week 33 was when all the soreness, pain, and discomfort began and has not subsided at all. Goodbye sleep, hello frequent trips to the restroom. My belly has dropped and I bump into everything and everyone. If I drop something and no one is around to help me, it stays dropped. I don’t have the energy or desire to bend down for it. I’m totally nesting and my poor husband has to deal with all the ludacris rearranging, cleaning, and scrubbing that I suddenly want to get done. Due to frequent painful cramping I started having around week 36, I was put on modified bed rest and so all the work falls to him.

My mom and sister threw a baby shower for me on October 10 and it was so much fun. Everything was pink and gold and such a good time. I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family and group of friends. I’m so happy to be able to bring the Golden Nugget into such a great family.

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pregnancy, update, latina mom, young mom, pregnant at the beach, 22 weeks pregnant, belly, san diego, house of golds, baby #3

pregnancy, update, latina mom, young mom, pregnant at the beach, 22 weeks pregnant, belly, san diego, house of golds, baby #3

My sistahs! Viviana (right) & Lucia (left)

Here’s the weekly recap:

Week 27: Leaky nipples, fun!

Week 28:Whooping cough vaccine; I forgot how sore immunizations can leave you.

Week 30: Fluttery baby kicks now feel like karate chops.

Week 31: Hospital tour of L & D. Anxiety strikes up.

Week 33: Braxton Hicks becoming more frequent with some cramping. Feet slightly swelling. Can no longer turn over while in bed without moving one limb at a time. Pelvic pains with major lower back pain. Can’t stand up longer 5-10 minutes at a time.

Week 34: Heartburn attacks. Waking up several times a night and not able to fall back asleep. Feeling like legs are going to pop out of sockets when walking.

Week 35: Baby shower #1! Nausea is back if I don’t eat in time or if I eat too much. Bathroom breaks every 30 minutes have begun. Nesting has really hit and my husband hates it hehe.

Week 36: Dilation has begun! 1cm with a soft cervix. Braxton Hicks are lasting longer, frequent painful cramping felt in lower back and upper thighs but no consistency to either; dammit! Baby is in position and has dropped, her head can be felt during the dilation checks. Exhaustion is back in full swing. Began maternity leave this week.

pregnancy, update, latina mom, young mom, pregnant at the beach, 22 weeks pregnant, belly, san diego, house of golds, baby #3

8 months!

Technically, week 36 begins the 9th month but a lot changed that week so I wanted to include it. I’m currently at 2cm dilated and about 50% effaced. The mucus plug has been coming out and it’s so gross. ( I didn’t lose it prior to delivery with the Golden Boys so this was new to me). One great thing is that my bellybutton has yet to pop out and have gotten zero stretch marks. Also, despite people telling me I’d have issues with my belly ring, it’s still in and with no issues. I did switch to a bio-flex ring just in case,

Labor has begun, so to speak, but we all know that this is the longest of the waits. It could be another 2 days or 2 weeks. The not knowing is killing me. KILLING ME! The BH contractions come 2-4 an hour but there is absolutely no consistency to them. Nonetheless, the diaper bag and car seat are in the car and my hospital bag is packed and ready to go and I take it with me every time I leave the house. I’m constantly up and moving about hoping gravity will help a bit. I’m even afraid of going all out for Halloween in case I happen to go into labor. How terrible hilarious would it be if I had to show up at the hospital in full costume makeup!

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