New beginnings, new adventures

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It’s been almost 3 months since I last blogged and that’s because quite a lot has happened, I’ll keep it short and simple.

I decided to end my marriage of 10 years. It was my choosing and my doing. While many have been hurt by this decision, it is one that I am happy with. It was a very difficult decision but it was the right decision and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders heart. You can’t help what your heart and soul truly want and I learned the hard way that when you try to suppress your feelings and emotions for so long things take a turn for the worst. It’s not fair to anyone involved; you’re not only hurting the other person but you are hurting yourself.

My life is about to take embark on a huge change (this San Diego native is becoming an Angeleno, gasp!) and I am so excited for it, I can’t wait to get started. All my life I have worried about hurting others and what my thoughts and actions would do to them but not anymore. It’s time I did what I want to do, for me. I refuse to live my life anymore trying make everyone else happy and leaving my own happiness off to the side to be dealt with at a later time. At the moment, most see me as being selfish but I’m standing up for myself and my needs & wants and it’s incredibly liberating.

With these new changes will come new adventures and I’ll be sharing about it elsewhere and deleting this blog.

If you’d like to follow along with my new adventures (lifestyle & family), email me for the info to my new blog.

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Legoland CA’s Ninjago World Is Now Open!

Ninjago the ride logo


The wait is finally over! Ninjago The Ride opens today at Legoland CA.

The Golden Boys and I were at the press preview last week and it was so much fun, Ninjago World is everything we were expecting and more. A new ride, eatery, and play areas will keep the kids entertained.

NINJAGO The Ride offers a 4D experience and allows you to show off your ninja skills by using your hands instead of a controller. The boys has so much fun throwing fire balls, ice and lightning to defeat all the villains. Riders collect points for battling throughout the ride and the final scores are displayed at the end of the ride. To give riders an awesome experience, effects such as heat, smoke and wind are incorporated throughout.

Aside from Ninjago The Ride, there are 4 other attractions: Zane’s Temple Build, Kai’s Spinners, Cole’s Rock Climb, and Jay’s Lightning Drill. There is also a new retail outlet and Ninjago Kitchen, serving Asian street food of Banh Mi sandwiches on baguettes or Bao Buns with pork belly, lemongrass chicken or baked sweet chili tofu. They are delicious, my super picky eaters both ate two sandwiches!

Access to Ninjago world is included with admission, so don’t forget to stop by the next time you’re at the park!

ninjago the ride

Ninjago world press preview day

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